There are many roads to travel in by car when one is in Newark, New Jersey, by the Newark Penn Station. Raymond Boulevard, which travels northwest and southeast, brings residents and visitors right next to Penn Station while Raymond Plaza West runs parallel to the rail line. Market Street goes southeast and northwest. In addition, it is just south of Newark Penn Station and connects to Raymond Plaza East. The result of these four roads coming together around Newark Penn Station forms a square and enables visitors and residents to find the location easily.

It is important to note that Newark Penn Station connects visitors and residents to a number of different rail services that service the northeast. Amtrak, whose trains’ service all across the United States including Chicago and Seattle, services Penn Station as a major hub and is a vital cog in connecting folks to much of the eastern coast. New Jersey Transit Corporation, known to most as the NJT, has multiple lines that service Penn Station. The NJT connects residents to the rest of the city and surrounding area. PATH, which stands for the Port Authority Trans-Hudson connects Newark’s Penn Station to New York City and other towns. It is a perfect route for folks who prefer to avoid freeways and roadwork.

While Penn Station provides convenience and access to Newark’s rail lines, visitors and tourists may find a challenge to get to the station from where they live or are staying. Fortunately, the city’s NJT (New Jersey Transit Corporation) offers a number bus routes at many different times of the day to ensure folks to get to and from the station in a timely manner. Buses are frequently rolling in and out of the station thus preventing a long wait for the consumer.

Bicycles are welcome at Newark Penn Station. Though one is not permitted to ride on the tracks, many trains and buses are specially equipped to handle the storage of bicycles if the passenger so desires to bring it with them. For those who prefer to keep their bicycles off the train or bus, there are a number of units available to lock their bikes at the station.

For folks who prefer to be picked up or dropped off at Penn Station, a taxicab is a terrific route to go. Cabs are only a phone call away and arrive promptly when called.